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Press Kit Photos of Dr. Christian Komor

Here are additional photos of Dr. Christian Komor for approved media use. Larger versions are available by clicking on the thumbnails below and will pop up in a new window.

Dr. Komor - Color image of Dr. Komor in his office Dr. Komor - Black and white photo in his office Dr. Komor - Second black and white photo in his office

Dr. Komor climbing to reach his goals. Dr. Komor standing in a canyon. Dr. Komor teaching a seminar.

Dr. Komor mugshot Dr. Komor at the office door.

Dr. Komor talking about a slide while teaching a seminar. Dr. Komor discussing an OCD concept during a seminar. Dr. Komor teaching a seminar

Dr. Komor on the televsion (screen shot) Dr. Komor standing in front of a lake Dr. Komor relaxing over the weekend.  

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