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Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Christian Komor


Psy.D. - School of Psychology 1989
Wright State University
Dayton, Ohio 45435

M.A. (Psy.) - U.S. International University 1982
10455 Pomerado Road
San Diego, California 92131

B.Ph. (Psy.) - Grand Valley State College 1980
Allendale, Michigan 48401

FACAPP - Am. College of Advance Practice Psychologists 1999
Board Certified Founding Fellow


1982 to Present
Michigan Licensed Psychologist - Lic. #005480

1985 to Present
Michigan Certified Social Worker - Lic. #020317

1999 to Present
Registered Naturopathic Physician
District of Columbia

Staff Member
Spectrum Health Medical Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan

West Michigan Society of Experiential Therapists

Member of the Following Organizations:


January 1999 to Present
Director, OCD Recovery Center
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Non-profit organization providing research, education, and treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourette's Disorder, Trichotillomania, Hypochondriasis, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome and other Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum disorders. Conducting all aspects of testing and evaluation, group, individual and family behavioral treatment, corporate administration, seminars and workshops, writing of proposals, articles and books for publication. Managing Internship, Retreat, Intensive Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Programs.

May 1999 to Present
Member, Scientific Advisory Board - OCD Foundation of Michigan
Livonia, Michigan

Providing scientific direction to non-profit foundation. Duties include: Review of 12 to 15 scientific articles weekly and digesting and condensing information. Attendance at Advisory Board meetings. Presenting papers at Regional Conferences. Providing Editorial review for Newsletter.

January 1998 to Present
Director, Mind/Body Consultant Services
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Multi-disciplinary private practice office specializing in complementary and alternative healthcare, psychophysiological disorders, medical psychology and the application of evidence-based integrative healthcare resources to augment medical treatment.

March 1993 to January 1999
Clinical Psychologist, Owner and Administrator Komor Healthcare Offices
Grand Rapids, Michigan

CEO of multi-disciplinary private practice office with 12-14 clinicians, interns and clerical support staff. Office specialized in psychophysiological disorders, individual group and family psychotherapy, stress related disorders, dissociative disorders, physical and sexual abuse, anxiety, panic and phobic disorders, compulsive and self-defeating behavior, consultation and workshops for agencies and organizations, sleep disorders, life transition issues and assessments.

April 1993 to January 1994
American Healthcare Institute
Silver Spring, Maryland

Presented one-day educational seminars in locations throughout the Midwest U.S. to healthcare professionals.

July 1988 to March 1993
Clinical Psychologist
Trade Center Counseling and Health Associates
Grand Rapids, Michigan

General multi-disciplinary group practice in outpatient clinical psychology. Focus on psychological testing and report preparation, treatment of addictions, Dissociative Identity Disorders, marital and family psychotherapy.

January 1982 to August 1986
Clinical Psychologist
Michigan Department of Corrections
Jackson and Ionia, Michigan

Functioned in a system which included over 15,000 felony prisoners, approximately 25% of professional time was spent as a member of a multi-disciplinary intake and diagnostic team processing over 10,000 individuals annually. As part of this diagnostic processing, a full range of cognitive, personality and vocational testing was conducted including interpretation and report preparation (over 1,500 total Psychological Reports).

Additionally, pre-parole assessment and evaluation were also performed on a routine basis. An additional 20% of professional time was involved in crisis intervention work (over 2,000 logged contacts), brief counseling and preventative rounding in cell blocks of approximately 500 men. Another 50% of staff time was devoted to conducting individual (over 2,100 hours), marital (over 50 hours) and group (over 2,000 hours) psychotherapy with impulse control, sex-related and mentally ill prisoners with a full range of pathology and diagnostic classifications. Additional assignments included: Functioning as Staff Psychologist for a multi-disciplinary transitional unit for mentally ill prisoners; developing and administrating a pre-release testing program; coordinating freedom of information act disclosures; developing a specialized treatment unit for self-mutilating and suicidal prisoners; supervising publication of a psychology column for prison newspaper; conducting staff inservices and leading workshops for community and correctional groups (in stress management and self-destructive behavior); designing and operating a therapy orientation group for prisoners with minimal interactive skills; creating and managing a library of psychological tapes and self-help materials for prisoner use; designing and operating a stress reduction group for mentally ill prisoners.

September 1983 to June 1984
Spring Arbor College
Spring Arbor, Michigan

Prepared and delivered undergraduate level course material through Psychology Department at this small Christian college.

October 1981 to December 1981
South Kent Mental Health
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Responsibilities included cognitive and personality testing and evaluation with transitional mentally ill population. Additional duties included completion of DSS-49D and DSS-14 psychological evaluations, case management input and consultation with individual therapists.



Wright State University

September 1987 to August 1989
Psychology Trainee
Kettering Center Clinic School of Professional Psychology
Dayton, Ohio

The Kettering Center Clinic provides comprehensive mental health services on a sliding fee scale to a wide range of community clientele. Psychology Trainees are responsible for all aspects of intake evaluation and testing, diagnostic assessment, treatment planning, case management and scheduling, client and third party billing and the practice of individual, marital and family therapy with a variety of age ranges and problem descriptions. 650 practicum hours completed.

September 1987 to August 1989
Psychology Assistant
Echoing Valley Center
University Psychological Services Association, Inc.
Dayton, Ohio

Echoing Valley is a residential facility for mentally retarded and environmentally disabled individuals with mild to severe levels of disability. Psychology Assistants are responsible for conducting cognitive and psychological testing, psychological report preparation, short-term counseling and crisis management, and adjustment-oriented behavioral planning and therapy. 200 practicum hours completed.

September 1986 to August 1987
Psychology Trainee
Psychological Services Center
School of Professional Psychology
Dayton, Ohio

The Psychological Services Center, located on the main campus of Wright University, provides a full range of assessment and counseling services to students of the University and their families. Trainees conduct intake screening, psychological cognitive, and vocational assessment, and carry ongoing individual, marital and group therapy under a peer review and faculty supervisory system. 400 practicum hours completed.

U.S. International University

April 1981 to September 1981
Group Assistant
Institute of Actualizing Therapy
Santa Ana, California

Under the direction of Distinguished Professor Everett Shostrom, Ph.D. at the U.S. International University, experience was gained as a Group Assistant. Functioned in the role of group assistant during weekly group psychotherapy sessions. The general orientation of groups was integrative in nature. 400 practicum hours completed.

October 1980 to August 1981
Psychological Assistant
North County Psychological Services
Poway, California

Under the direction of a professor at U.S. International University, weekly therapy services were provided to disturbed children and their parents. Time was divided between therapy, inservice training, assessment and supervision. 100 practicum hours completed.

October 1980 to February 1981
Psychology Student
Tierra Bonita Elementary School
Poway, California

Through the Harmonium North Counseling Internship Program, individual counseling and play therapy sessions were conducted with elementary school age children. Referrals to the program came from teachers who were noticing adjustment problems in their students. 75 practicum hours completed.

Grand Valley State University

June 1980 to August 1980
Student Intern
Adult Aftercare Programs
Grand Rapids, Michigan

This "intensive" practicum program through Grand Valley State College involved placement at a local transitional facility for the chronically mentally ill. Counseling intervention, stress reduction training, observation of facility staff and programs, attendance at case management meetings and workshop participation were all included in this program.

July 1979 to August 1980
Trainer and Victim Advocate
Rape Crisis Team of Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, Michigan

As part of practicum requirements at Grand Valley State College, 50 hours of additional training was completed to become a Victim Advocate Trainer. Responsibilities included victim assistance and advocacy, prevention and educational seminar presentation, Victim Advocate training and participation on the community Board of Directors. 600 practicum hours were completed.

October 1978 to August 1980
Crisis Intervention Worker
Switchboard, Inc.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

As part of practicum requirements at Grand Valley State College, 50 hours of training was completed to become a volunteer member of a crisis unit staff (later attached to Kent Community Hospital). Servicing a wide range of individuals through direct telephone counseling and referral, experience was also gained in providing back-up (via paging system) to paid staff during evening hours. 800 practicum hours were completed.


1978 Community Board Direction
Grand Rapids, Michigan

1979 Ellisonian Rational-Emotive Psychotherapy
Grand Valley State College
Grand Rapids, Michigan

1981 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders III
University of California
San Diego, California

1981 Introductory Rorschach Technique (Exner Method)
Rorschach Workshops
San Diego, California

1982 Clinical Criminology - Current Concepts
Clark Institute of Psychiatry
Toronto, Canada

1982 Criminal Sexual Psychopathology
Clark Institute of Psychiatry
Toronto, Canada

1982 The Michigan Neuropsychological Battery
Hillsdale College
Hillsdale, Michigan

1983 Aikido in Conflict Resolution
Windstar Foundation
Aspen, Colorado

1983 Introductory Gestalt Therapy Workshop
Gestalt Institute of Cleveland
Cleveland, Ohio

1983 Michigan Association of Professional Psychologists Annual Convention (M.A.A.P.)
Ann Arbor, Michigan

1989 Psychology Licensure Review
Association for Advanced Training
Chicago, Illinois

1990 International Conference on Dissociative Disorders
Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois

1990 Psychopharmacology
Michigan Psychological Association
Livonia, Michigan

1991 Psychodrama and Action Methods Institute
Pine Rest Christian Hospital
Grand Rapids, Michigan

1992 Repressed Memory and Mental Health
Battle Creek Adventist Hospital
Battle Creek, Michigan

1992 Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexual Addiction
Foote Hospital
Ann Arbor, Michigan

1993 Medical Institute: Psychodrama and Addictions
Onsite Training and Consulting
Rapid City, Idaho

1994 Clinical Hypnosis
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1994 Treating Dissociative Disorders
Wedgewood Christian Homes
Grand Rapids, Michigan

1995 Psychobiology of Mental Control
Stanford University
Grand Rapids, Michigan

1995 Couple Communication Training
Interpersonal Communication Programs
Chicago, Illinois

1996 Pathways To Healing
Mind Matters Seminars
Grand Rapids, Michigan

1997 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - Level I
EMDR Institute
Lansing, Michigan

1998 Herbs, Hormones and the Mind
Mind Matters Seminars
Grand Rapids, Michigan

1998 Attachment Model for Trauma Disorders
Colin A. Ross Institute
Grand Rapids, Michigan

1999 Anxiety Disorders - Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment
Mind Matters Seminars
Ypsilanti, Michigan

1999 Depressive Disorders - Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment
Mind Matters Seminars
Ann Arbor, Michigan

1999 Integrative Medicine: Experience, Science and Clinical Application
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, North Carolina

2000 Anxiety Disorders: Current Treatment Concepts
PESI Healthcare
Lexington, Kentucky

2001 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training Institute
University of Michigan Medical Center
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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